Raulativity is the personal brand and merch shop of Los Angeles based designer and illustrator named Raul Esquivel.

I was born & raised in the heart of Los Angeles, CA. I’m an artist that likes to do a ton of different things. Sometimes too many things at once but I seriously enjoy learning as much as I can about anything that interests me such as graphic design, illustration, coding, photography, cinematography, song-writing, music-production, and video games.


2016 was the year I first decided to open up a shop under the name Raulativity. Prior to this I had a clothing brand named Aetheraeon I ran since 2010.

The main reason I opened up a new shop was so that I could make and sell other things that didn't creatively match with the theme of Aetheraeon, which was mostly artwork based around alchemy. I initially came up with the name Raulativity back in 2011 when I first signed up for Instagram. And since then, my personal brand has been the same ever since. 2016 was also the year I first started streaming on Twitch doing primarily design and illustration, music production, and occasionally gaming.


In 2017 I started experimenting more and more with trying to grow my presence online as a content creator and began incorporating more of the other things I enjoy doing under a single umbrella with Raulativity at the center of it.

I started publishing more articles and tutorials as well as making prints based around stuff I was super into at the time. Which included science, space, mathematics, and Los Angeles. It was during this time where I began streaming very consistently with a daily content creation schedule while making and publishing YouTube videos every single day. I also reached Twitch Affiliate status due to the amount of effort I put in. I also got some artwork I created while streaming printed up and displayed in an art gallery at TwitchCon 2017 in Long Beach, CA.


2018 was the year everything changed. Beginning on January 1st, I decided to take on the Daily 365 challenge and successfully completed it on December 31st.

The amount of work I pumped out this year was unbelievable. My skills absolutely leveled up and this definitely helped me continue making a name for myself. The sheer volume of work I was creating helped provide a consistent flow of new merch and prints and other digital assets. Since creating daily work was my main focus, creating videos or any other content really took a backseat in the mean time.


2019 signaled another major shift in my online content creation journey. Coming off the heels of completing the Daily 365 project, I decided to take some time off and regroup and figure out where to put my focus on next.

I finally got back into streaming more regularly and general content creation. Eventually branching out into doing more IRL content for YouTube and vlogging at conventions. In 2019 I attended 7 major conventions/events in and around Los Angeles. I also finally got back into doing more creative photography and documenting places and events I would go to.

Twenty-Twenty Three

After 2019, I decided to take a break from the Raulativity brand and focus on building up my other design project, The Eagle & Bison Design Company.

Over the past few months I began taking inventory of all of my personal projects and started to try to figure out how I can better manage everything and have it all make more sense. Originally Eagle & Bison was my photo/video blog. Then I began doing merch. Then it was my design portfolio. Then I started publishing digital assets and fonts under that name. I figured that it was too messy and it shouldn't be as big of a project as I had made it out to be.

So I pulled the blog and design portfolio out of it and now they live on my personal website raulesquivel.com. I decided to keep Eagle & Bison as a shop for strictly digital only assets so I had to remove all physical merch. I had the brilliant idea to bring back the Raulativity name and have that once again be my online design shop. And now here we are!